Currently we are restoring one 1956 Alfa 1900 CSS, an Alfa Sprint Speciale, a Fissore bodied OSCA, a Lancia Flaminia SS Zagato, and cleaning and refreshing a low milage Alfa spider veloce. We have listed some photos of the restoration process and also some photos of previous restorations.  We own what we restore and are always looking for interesting projects.

1965 Sprint Speciale

This 1965 Alfa Romeo Sprint Speciale was in a warehouse in Concord, CA on jack stands since 1975 when we purchased it. We  started by dismantling the entire car and photographing the process in detail because the car had never been apart before and we wanted a good record of how it was built from the factory. Since the car had very little rust or damage, we sanded and stripped the unibody down to the bare metal on a rotisserie to allow us to get to every part of the body. Then after making all repairs we prepared the body for paint and painted with PPG Omni Line base coat black and PPG Glamour Line clear, color sanded and buffed.


1956 Alfa 1900CSS

This Alfa was mostly complete but not running when we started. We dismantled the entire car and removed the aluminum body so we could address the chassis. Once we removed the paint from the body we decided to build a new nose and both front fenders rather than try to work with the original aluminum skin. A wood buck was made using measurements from another original 1900 and the new front sheetmetal was formed. We also did a full restoration of the engine and entire driveline, All glass is new, chrome refinished, new rubber, and new interior.


1968 Lancia Flaminia Super Sport Zagato

We decided to block sand down the multiple paint layers on this aluminum bodied Lancia because it was so straight and essentially rust and damage free except some corrosion around the battery and a dent in the driver door which we re-skinned. It is time consuming to remove the paint this way but it best preserves the shape of the aluminum body. When we removed the trim and the interior in preparation for paint, we found Zagato body numbers on all the trim and the interior was in excellent overall condition. The dash was removed and the top recovered in leather and the wood veneer replaced with aluminum panels and then painted body color. The undercoating on the bottom of the hood and truck was removed and then painted a satin black.


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